There are all kinds of fairytales; some are scary and strange; some are romantic and full of love; many are about the winning of good and kind over bitter and evil, or have a moral tale. Some of them (if you read the originals) are just plain weird! Almost all of them have a sense of adventure, either staying close to home or travelling to far-away lands.

In naming my clothing business, Threads of a Fairytale, I wanted to evoke a sense of magic, a sense of child-like wonder and excitement. The historical element fits well with the styles that inspire me when I’m making the fairytale dresses, and I want you to remember what it feels like when you curl up in bed and read your favourite story.

Of course, I have to admit to being pretty pleased with myself for coming up with a name that has a double relevant meaning! 1: Threads of a Fairytale meaning the threads of a story – all the different aspects that make up the story, such as the plot, the characters, the setting, the unexpected twists. You could say that there are several threads to this story; the steampunk adventurer; the flower fairies at the bottom of the garden; the pirates and mermaids of the seven seas; the princesses off to the ball….all those threads of a fairytale.
And 2: Threads; simply an old-fashioned colloquial term meaning clothes. I.e. Clothing of a Fairytale.

Adult fairy costume

PS. Once upon a time, this business was called ‘Oshun’ – you may still find signs of that in old labels, old blog posts and the paypal account. Oshun is an ancient African goddess from the Yoruba region and she represents love and beauty and enjoys adornment of beautiful things – in short, I felt she would connect well with me and my clothing business.
I decided to change the name a few years ago because I felt the time was right for some rebranding. Oshun had already evolved from re-selling wholesale clothing, to the beginnings of my handmade clothing with upcycled garments. Now, with several years of experience under my belt, it had evolved again into something more refined, more romantic and luxury. It was time for a change so Oshun became Threads of a Fairytale.