Care advice

Hand washing will no doubt help all garments last longer, however our lives are usually busy ones, and if the fabric allows, several things I make should be up to machine washing on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees C. If your machine doesn’t have those options, please hand wash to be on the safe side. If there are any special instructions that differ from this, I will mention so in the listing description eg. I’m afraid silk items will have to be hand washed and more and more I’m using beading, sequins and delicate vintage fabrics which aren’t suitable to go in the machine.

Special notes about the Indian Summer Collection – please read.
This collection is made from upcycling and recycling traditional handmade Indian clothing, mainly in silk, but also chiffon and cotton. I hand-washed all of it first and discovered that some of the items were not colour-fast, so please bare that in mind. I personally like the effect of colour-run, but if you don’t, please dry clean, particularly if the garment contains different colours. These items aren’t machine washable – only hand wash or dry clean. It’s worth it – the fabrics and detailing are just gorgeous!


Occasionally I buy new remnants or organic fabric off a roll when I need large pieces of the same material, however as much as possible I reclaim fabric that has once had a life before, be it recently or from the early Victorian times. This is my small contribution to help the environment and reduce landfill. I never send out anything that I wouldn’t be happy to receive and I really hope you will be completely delighted with your Threads of a Fairytale item. Please note that whilst I do my best to select fabrics that are as good as new, occasionally you may spot signs that it has previously been loved – slight fading for example. I will never use any fabric that spoils the look of the garment, however I may use slightly flawed fabric for lining where it won’t show. The savings from not buying new are passed onto you.
I sometimes leave edges raw, which means with wear and washing, they may fray slightly. I do this deliberately because I like the effect it makes and believe it adds to the ethereal quality. If I think this will be severe, I run a line of stitching near the edge to prevent the garment fraying away!


Please be aware that differences in screens may show colours slightly differently.

International differences

Please remember I am in the UK and there is often a time difference – we’re 5 – 9 hours ahead of America depending on area and time of year. Therefore, please be patient with your questions as I may be getting ready for bed when you ask something and unlikely to reply till the next day!
There are also differences in phrases or names of things. If you’re not sure of something please ask. (Eg. your pants are our trousers; our pants are your knickers; your vests are our waistcoats, your tank tops are our vests, and I won’t tell you what your fanny packs are!)
Likewise, I do know how to spell! Words like colour, jewellery, customise etc. are correct English spelling in the UK!