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I have a YouTube channel under my name, Helen Hobden, which I update with new videos at least once a week. Along with more personal vlogs, there is the place for behind-the-scenes videos showing how I make the fairytale clothes from start to finish, and I also take you along to photo-shoots and festivals. I enjoy making videos and would love it if you’d like to join me over there.

I write a style and creative living blog called ‘When I Grow Up’, which I began back in 2004! This is a personal project of mine simply because I love writing, and it’s a great place to share my photography too. If you take a look under the ‘Fashion’ category, you’ll find a section where I wrote about Threads of a Fairytale and would sometimes share the process of making the clothing. Nowadays, since this website has been given an update, the content relating to this business is now the ‘Blog’ section here.

I have three Instagram accounts and I try to post every weekday on all of them! I’ve always loved taking photos, so I share these on my personal account. Expect lots of flowers, travel photography and styled photos of home.
I’m experimenting with the Stories feature at the moment, but there you’ll probably find a few outfit-of-the-day pictures; one or other of my cats, and notifications of when I’ve posted content on YouTube or my blog.

Relatively recently I decided to start a new Instagram account just for photos that Chris, my husband, has taken of me. I’ve more-or-less moved away from fashion content on When I Grow Up, but over the years we’ve put a lot of effort into those photos, and would like to continue to do so. Chris enjoys portrait photography and I enjoy wearing pretty dresses, so we combined the two!
(I don’t use the Stories feature on this account.)

I do of course, also have an Instagram account just for Threads of a Fairytale, and I’d love it if you’d like to follow me there! I mainly share photos from our fairytale photo-shoots, but also find photos of my workroom and fairytale inspiration.
I use the Stories feature to share behind-the-scenes snippets of me making the clothing so you get to see the first sneak previews of what will be coming soon to the shop. It’s probably the social media space I’m at most often if you’d like to chat. Please tag Threads of a Fairytale if you post photos of you wearing your item, as I’d love to see it and share.

I’m a big fan of Pinterest; it’s a great way to put together boards of inspiration. Have a look at everything interesting me right now, or follow the Threads of a Fairytale board. I love seeing the boards you pin my photos to!

Facebook is a great place to share Threads of a Fairytale clothing you think your friends would like to see. We have a lovely little community and I post updates, news and photos there.

My Twitter account is a mix of personal, blog-related and Threads of a Fairytale updates, messages and comments. I’ll be honest, I’m not there very much, but if that’s your space, do follow to stay in touch!

I’d love to meet you elsewhere on the internet – please leave a comment or message so I can say Hi; and let me know you came from here!