Peach, coral & black fairytale dress

Peach, coral & black fairytale dress


Size medium


Beautiful peachy pink and black ball gown. Size medium.

You are so busy dancing you don’t even notice the sun rise…

Ideas: Wear as a fairytale ball gown to special events, or you could wear it with different accessories for several fancy dress costumes: pirate, fairy, Cinderella, steampunk or pastel witch. If cute pastel goth is your clothing style, it could even be your wedding dress.

Measurements: (The fabric is stretchy) Bust: 37-40” / 94-102cm. Waist: 31-34” / 79-87cm. Hips free. Length: 55” / 140cm. (The model is small for the dress; although it fits her and demonstrates how it would look on a small figure, the waist would sit higher on the correct size person!)

Materials: The top half of the dress is a peachy pink cotton with lycra jersey. The neckline and sleeves are adorned with silk and lace tatters. The full ball gown-style skirt is lined with polyester satin for comfort; then there is a layer of gathered pink tutu net. Over the top at the back is a patchwork of black jersey with black crochet lace falling in pieces over the top of that. The front panel has row upon row of gathered lace, silk and poly-cotton peach material with a subtle dainty floral print. Strands of lace, silk and jersey fall about randomly.


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