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  • Glastonbury festival pint cup carrier

Festival pint cup carrier


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Glastonbury Festival pint cup carrier. Eco friendly cup holder. Accessory for summer festivals. Ideal gift for festival goer.

A couple of years ago Glastonbury Festival began a scheme at the Festival bars and pubs for people to borrow or purchase their steel pint cups. I realised that people would need a way to carry these with them, so I invented the festival pint cup carrier!

Stylish and eco-friendly, the pint cup holders are made by recycling unwanted quality fabrics such as velvet, brocade and upholstery fabric samples. A loop is sewn into the top edge with a sturdy clip attached so you can clip the cup carrier containing your pint cup to your belt loop or bag strap and have it handy when you next get thirsty!

I made the pattern based specifically on the official Glastonbury Festival pint cup; however they are likely to fit other reusable pint cups as well. Just slip the bottom of your cup into the carrier and push up to fit snugly.
Circumference at the top: 10 1/2″ / 27cm. At the bottom: 9″ / 23cm. Length: 4″ / 10cm.

I will send a random colour and pattern, but if you can see one in the photos that you prefer, I’ll do my best to send that one, or as similar as possible – just let me know at helen@threadsofafairytale.com

Handmade in Pilton and tried and tested at the best music festival in the world!

They are not designed to be carried with your cider still in it – they’re for taking around empty between bars!

NB. Please don’t be confused by the label, which says ‘Oshun’ – I made these before I changed my shop name to Threads of a Fairytale.


Please read the info below for how my garments are created and care advice, along with shipping info etc.


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