Gold silk wrap-around fairy skirt

Gold silk wrap-around fairy skirt


Size small to large


This is a gorgeous gold silk wrap-around skirt that is perfect for dancing through the countryside under midnight stars. Size S-L

Ideas: This mustard yellow skirt would look lovely with a simple white t-shirt for a casual boho outfit with a fairy twist; or go full festival fashion with a sequin top. Add fairy or angel wings and glitter for a fairy costume. Alternatively you could wear with chunky boots and punky jewellery as shown on the second model.

Materials: This skirt is made from pure slub silk. Over the hem I have sewn a variety of luxury fabrics including satin, brocade, vintage cotton velvet and silk to form romantic petals in various shades of old gold.

Measurements: The top measurement is 51″, which would be worn low on the waist. There is a long cream satin ribbon attached to tie it together, so the size is very adjustable; just overlap and wrap it around to fit. The curve of the hem means length varies, but the longest point is 16″.

The tops shown are not included.


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