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Brown velvet hooded cloak


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A gorgeous chocolate brown velvet cloak / cape. Stunning for wedding, handfasting, heavy cotton velvet with large hood. re-enactment, LARP, LOTR, medieval costume.

An owl hoots nearby and you wrap your cloak a little tighter as you walk over the moor to meet your true love…

Ideas: The cloak would be perfect to give you an extra layer of warmth on your wedding or handfasting day. If you enjoy dressing up then it could also be ideal for several different costumes for LARP or re-enactment, or cosplay events including Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, any fairytale character, Harry Potter or Game of Thrones or for Renaissance Fayres.

Materials: The cloak is a beautiful dark chocolate brown vintage cotton velvet that will keep you warm! It is lined with lightweight black satin for comfort and ties at the front with black satin ribbon. The width at the top is adjustable to fit – gather it up and push the leaf-shaped leather pieces to lock in place.
Please note that whilst you are getting a much heavier and better quality of velvet than in most cloaks, the fabric is reclaimed and shows some signs of this: there is faint fading in the centre back of the cloak, and there are horizontal stripes of fading on the hood – I think this adds to the character of the cloak and gives it more of a historical flavour.
There is a large hood in a medieval style shape.

Measurements: Length: 61 1/2” / 156cm. Width: 63” / 160cm.


Please read the info below for how my garments are created and care advice, along with shipping info etc. Please machine wash on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees celsius using detergent for delicates, and line dry. Or dry clean.


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