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Fairy jacket


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Teal fairy jacket, Downton Abbey style, neo Victorian steampunk blue shirt with bustle, Elven king, Mermaid costume cosplay. A beautiful teal blue jacket with a bustle.

You take your partner in your arms and lead them for a dance between the seashells…

Ideas: This jacket is perfect for layering over a mermaid dress to keep you protected from the sea breezes! The bustle at the back will compliment the mermaid tail perfectly. It’s a very elegant jacket with an early Downton Abbey feel, so it could be worn as part of a historical late Victorian, or Edwardian outfit.
The jacket is unisex so could be worn by an elven king as well as a mermaid queen.

Materials: The jacket is based on an original, beautifully handmade by my seamstress friend, and I have given it a Threads of a Fairytale makeover. I believe it to be poly silk blend. The bustle, ruffles at the sleeves, and ruffled collar are slub silk. The frill on the sleeves has additions of blue cotton with Swarovski crystal flowers or beaded flowers dotted here and there.The neckline and front are adorned with more ruffled tatters in mixed fabrics, and texture has been added with layers of the same fabric of the jacket in places.
There are no fastenings.

Measurements: From outer shoulder to outer shoulder: 17.5” / 44.5cm. Chest with fabric held closed at the front: 36.5” / 93cm.

Please read the info below for how my garments are created and care advice, along with shipping info etc. Please wash separately or with similar colours.


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