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Purple tropical leaf print fairy skirt


Size small

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A beautiful tropical fairy skirt. Bohemian clothing; boho fashion.

You tiptoe through the jungle following the light glinting between the unusual leaves…

Ideas: This would be a lovely skirt dressed up for evening wear or a party – it’s perfect for dancing in! Or wear with bare feet under the palm trees with your toes trailing in the sand.

Materials: The main fabric of the skirt is an excellent quality crepe material with the most gorgeous drape so the skirt will flow round you as you twirl! The print on it has tropical leaves in pink, purple, plum and green on a black background. The skirt has a strong elasticated waistband of pure silk, and this fabric continues as side panels to the skirt along with dangling petals and gathered ruffles. Some pieces have little clusters of stunning crystals that really sparkle in the light. The hem is higher at the front and back; lower at the sides and is adorned with a tattered frill of mixed purples in satins and silks.

Measurements: Waist (stretches): 28-32” / 71-81cm. Hips free. Length 22-32” / 56-81cm.

Care: Hand wash with detergent for silk. Please read the Care Notes section for full details; this is part of the Indian Summer collection.


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