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  • Victorian velvet jacket
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Genuine Antique Victorian / Edwardian Jacket


Size XS.

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Velvet Victorian jacket. Black Velvet gothic steampunk jacket restored & altered with vintage lace.

When she takes a stroll round the park at twilight, she wears her favourite elegant jacket to keep warm, and just in case she bumps into the gentleman with the clockwork inventions…

Ideas: So perfect for reenactment events or historical fancy dress. Going to a Downton Abbey or Titanic themed party? This jacket is perfect as part of your Victorian or Edwardian costume and you’ll stand out for wearing the real thing, not a cheap imitation! Or wear as part of your every-day gothic or steampunk outfit for a bit of luxury.

Materials: I wish you could touch this velvet – it is the most exquisitely soft silk velvet I have ever felt; it’s simply gorgeous. This is genuinely antique and excellent condition considering it’s at least 100 years old. I have embellished the jacket with antique lace in the areas that were damaged, particularly at the collar, which I re-stitched on. (At some point in its history someone else has done repairs too.) It is fully lined in satin, but there are areas of bad damage, particularly at the armpits, though of course this won’t show when worn. The back of the jacket is cropped and flared slightly in order to fit over a bustled skirt. The front is fastened with its original hook and eyes all the way down.

Measurements: Bust 34” Waist 30”.

Special care notes: Not really washable and I’d be nervous of dry cleaning. Just gently sponge off any marks.


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