how to make a fairy dress

New video about making the lilac fairy dress

Hello! Just letting you know that I’ve posted a video on my YouTube channel showing how I made the lilac fairy dress that I’ve recently listed in the shop. Hope you like it!

How I made a pastel goth fairy dress

Hello everyone! I’m actually away at the moment, which is why I can’t start any made-to-order dresses until February, however, here’s a video of a pink and black kawaii fairy dress I made last summer: Please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more of my sewing videos and behind-the-scenes at…

How I made the woodland fairy wedding dress

  Hello! This is just a quick news update to tell you about my latest post I’ve written over on my blog, When I Grow Up. Hopefully it will be a little less controversial than the Oshun one! It’s simply a post about how I made the dress as several…