Happy New Year! Need wardrobe inspiration?

Happy New Year! I hope 2023 brings you lots of magical moments!

I’m starting a new series about How to dress more creatively each month. I’ll post it on the blog, but it will also be in the monthly newsletter (which I’m going to be a lot better about this year!) along with any current discounts in the shop or other relevant news. If you haven’t signed up yet, please join us! 

Are you still sparkling?

A few years’ ago I gave my old personal blog a new look and started a fashion blogging section (It’s whenIgrowupblog.com if you’d like a look) and something that came from that is people were genuinely interested in advice and inspiration for how to dress more creatively. So I’m going to start a monthly guide for those of you feeling a little bit bored with your wardrobe. I thought this links in nicely with Threads of a Fairytale as I’m always trying to encourage people to be a little more adventurous with their clothing choices and really dress to match your true style and personality….

How to dress more creatively in January

Don’t gather up all your Christmas and New Year party dresses and hide them under the bed just yet! Winter is such a dreary time of year, and seems to last forever (here in the UK at least) so why limit your most fun items of clothing to just a couple of weeks around Christmas? Keep wearing those sparkly garments and I promise you, you will feel happier for it.

The key is to dress them down a little to make them more suitable for being back to work and back to your ‘normal’ life.

  • Ok, so jumpers with Christmas trees or Rudolph might have to be folded away for now, but keep wearing those with metallic yarn running through them, or have more subtle decoration like a silver or gold trim. Instead of wearing with a satin skirt or heels like you might for a Christmas party; simply wear with jeans or plain trousers and chunky shoes or boots.
  • Sequin or velvet dresses suddenly become more wearable if you simply put a plain knitted jumper over the top. Add a cotton shirt and a jacket over a satin slip dress and wear with trainers for a cool juxtaposition of styles.
  • Sometimes it’s all about the footwear. Cheer everyone up in the office by full-on wearing your sparkly dress, but wear it with your more practical knee-length or ankle boots rather than your ‘going-out-out shoes’.
  • If in doubt, honestly, a relaxed cardigan dresses down anything. Fling one over the top of a wedding dress and you’d probably get away with it!

I hope you enjoy looking through your wardrobe (or ‘shop your wardrobe’ as I’ve heard it called!) and finding some new outfits to wear. 🙂

A luxury Disney Costume for Halloween

As you can probably already tell, I love fairytales; and so, although I didn’t get to watch much Disney when I was growing up, my daughters compensated by watching plenty! Costumes inspired by iconic Disney characters are a classic recognisable theme to go to for a Halloween costume, so here’s a luxury Snow White costume.

luxury snow white costume

The blue top has been adapted from an Indian satin and chiffon top with genuine Swarovski crystals. The yellow skirt is made from pure silk with a silk chiffon and sequin frill at the hem. I enjoyed giving the costume a Halloween twist with the touches of red that make it so distinguishable as Snow White. It could even be a Disney zombie costume with the red jersey falling like drips of blood! Just add some splatters of fake blood to your arms and legs for the complete look.

(Click the photos to shop.) If this adult Snow White costume isn’t for you, take a look for more sustainable Halloween costume ideas here.


Halloween costumes and postal strikes!

Hi! Have you got your Halloween costume ideas in place yet? I’m just reminding you that I have several unique items of clothing that would make the perfect sustainable Halloween costume! Please browse the Fairytale shop for ideas. You could find a classic witch costume, a spooky fairy outfit, a zombie Snow White costume or even find a pretty adult pumpkin costume!

However, time has already run out for overseas orders, so please only buy for Halloween 2022 if you’re in the UK. Don’t forget there are postal workers’ strikes happening on the 20th and 25th October, so please allow for this when expecting your delivery. I post second class recorded, so please place your order by Friday 21st October to allow for delays.

Thank you!

A custom-made Mermaid Fairy dress

Like waiting for a bus, I haven’t had a custom order for a while, and then two come at once! The first was an order based on this custom fairy dress for sale. My client wanted mermaid colours of blue and turquoise, with a little sunshine yellow thrown in. This dress fastens with a drawstring at the back of the waist, and corset-style ribbon lacing at the back. There’s a cut-out section on the lower back, which is a very fashionable design right now!

I have to say, I love these colours and this is my favourite fairy dress I’ve made in this style so far! It could be worn as an ocean fairy costume or as a luxury mermaid costume.

Mermaid fairy dress

Custom fairy dress

mermaid dress

I’m very pleased to say that the customer loved her fairy dress and is going to wear it to two weddings this summer! If you would like your own dress made especially for you, please purchase the fairy dress listing, or get in touch at helen@threadsofafairytale.com if you have any questions.

If you’d like to watch the whole process of me making this dress, the full video is on my Patreon page. 

There are also snippets of the sewing throughout the week’s vlog on my YouTube channel.

New Forest Fairy Festival 2022

Hi! Just a little post to let you know that sadly I’m not going to be having a stall at the New Forest Fairy Festival this weekend. I was very tempted to; especially considering it is the tenth anniversary of the festival, and I think I was the only stall-holder left last year, who has been there since the very beginning. It was little more than a small stage on a caravan; entertainment from the Gypsy Pyksies,  and a small cluster of fairy-themed sellers battling with our gazebos against the wind and the rain.

I made more profit that first year than in 2021. Due to the price of the stall increasing more than ten times over; confusion over whether tickets needed to be bought in advance or not; the confusion over ticket refunds after the storm in 2019 closed the festival for a day, and subsequently Covid happened… well I could surmise various reasons why I did so badly last year, but the crux of the matter is that it is no longer financially viable to have a stall there.

If you have been a regular visitor to the festival and to my stall, I’m so sorry not to see you again. Honestly, it was the interactions with the lovely fairy folk like yourselves that made it all worth it. Please go to my online shop instead. Thank you!