There’s always one! (The Silk Fairy clothing collection)

There’s always one isn’t there? I came here to tell you that all the new silk fairy clothing is now listed on Etsy, but then I went and found a silk jade green cami top that was hiding when we did the photo shoot for the rest of the collection! So, all the skirts and tops are now listed apart from that one top!!

Edit: and I’ve just sold the jade green skirt and a cream silk cami top, so they aren’t now listed either!

There are two sets of purple silk tops and skirts; a creamy beige skirt, a pinky grey skirt, a mustard yellow top and skirt, a cream top and skirt, a pale pink skirt and a bright pink skirt. If you’d like to see them, please take a look at the Fairytale collection. 

Adult fairy costume

Behind the scenes at a photo-shoot

We are so lucky to live in a beautiful area of the country where we don’t have to go far to find a pretty location for a Threads of a Fairytale photo-shoot. This field with a pretty countryside view of hills and dales is just round the corner from us and I thought it was perfect for the new handmade silk clothing I’m listing in the shop at the moment. The silk skirts remind me of flower petals so I went with a flower fairy theme and took a pile of faux flowers we’ve gathered over the years to be props and my eldest daughter was my model this time.

If you’d like to see behind the scenes, here’s the vlog I filmed that week, which includes the flower fairy outfit photo-shoot, and also me taking more photos of the pink fairy clothing for product photos for Instagram.