The chaos of a creative sewing room

Have you ever wondered what it’s like in a creative’s work room? Well, mine became a fabric storage disaster zone last year, so in January I made it my priority to get on top of it and have a massive sewing room tidy-up and sort out! I embarrassed myself by showing you exactly how bad it got in my latest YouTube video, so if you’d like to see me sort out my fabric stash and have a really good clear-up, then please head on over to my YouTube channel and have a peek! Please don’t judge me!

Seeing everything in progress

Hello! I hope you’ve had a lovely week! Just popping by to let you know I’ve started using the Stories feature on my Instagram account more lately. I’m using the Highlights function to save them all to a group called ‘In Progress’. I’ve been showing little clips of me sewing, pinning, and patch-working together the fairytale clothing I’ve been making in the last couple of months. So if you’d like to see a little of what is going on behind the scenes, please take a look at Threads of a Fairytale on Instagram. I’ve made a pretty purple and green dress with colours taken from a lovely crepe fabric with a tropical leaf pattern. Then a fancy frock coat to go with it. And then as I had plenty of the tropical fabric left over, I started another dress to match the first, but much fancier to be more of an alternative wedding dress or fairy ball gown, with added tutu net and lace. It’s almost finished and I can’t wait to show you!


Too late for Happy New Year?!

Yes it is too late really, but Happy New Year anyway! I’m sorry things over here have been a bit quiet lately, but I have been busy in the background making new and exciting plans for 2019. I’ll be honest, last year Threads of a Fairytale didn’t have all my attention as I spent a lot of time over in America, and I even thought I’d be moving there for a while and would have to close this business down. However, that’s not happening now, so it’s full steam ahead! My stall at the New Forest Fairy Festival is already booked, so I’ll be making lots of goddess dresses, kimonos and fairy skirts for that. I’m also working on a new jacket design inspired by the goblin king in Labyrinth! And I have a couple of tabs open with different eyelet and press-stud machines available. I’m thinking of investing in a good one to make adjustable wrap-around skirts.

I haven’t currently got my bottle bags and cup carriers on sale in my Etsy shop, but I will chat soon with the lady who arranged to sell them at Glastonbury Festival a couple of years ago, and see if that’s possible again. And my other plans for the year are to develop my collection of special occasion dresses; update this website, and completely re-photograph some of my older items. So a busy time!

By the way, I am on the look-out for models to collaborate with; so if you would like to be involved and receive professional photos for your portfolio and are in the Somerset, UK area (Or possibly Connecticut/New York state) please get in touch. I’d love to diversify the look of my shop so that everyone feels welcome here; so I’d be particularly interested if you’re a person of colour.

And one of my main goals for Threads of a Fairytale in 2019 is to keep you updated in this news section! I’m currently working on a tropical leaf dress, and have just started an ‘In Progress’ Highlights on my Instagram for little sneak peak stories at how I’m getting on!

If there’s anything you’d like me to cover here, or have any questions, please let me know. 🙂

A pink floral dress new in the shop

Adult pink fairy dress

I’ve always loved flower fairies, so this pink floral fairy dress is one of my favourites. If you’d like to go straight to the shop to find out more about it, follow this link to Threads of a Fairytale on Etsy.

Or if you’d like to read more about the process of making the fairy dress, and watch the YouTube video, then please head on over to my blog, When I Grow Up.

Behind the scenes – making a raggedy fairytale pirate pastel goth fairy dress!

I don’t know if you knew I have a YouTube channel?! Over there I post videos two or three times a week with vlogs and a variety of videos including sewing ones where you can see how I make the clothes I sell in my Threads of a Fairytale Etsy shop. This one is continuing my recent series of pastel goth dresses, but it would be perfect for women’s pirate costume or a fairy dress. Ideal festival fashion!

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#MarchMeetTheMaker on Instagram!

Threads of a Fairytale

Hello everyone! I hope you’re keeping warm! I’ve decided to join in the Instagram challenge for #Marchmeetthemaker. My Threads of a Fairytale Instagram is just a feed of all my outfits I’ve made, so I’ve decided to do the hashtag prompts on Instagram Stories.

If you’re not familiar with this sort of thing, I should explain that crafter Joanne Hawker set up a series of ideas for makers to share their stories on Instagram. It’s a lovely way to find new like-minded people to follow and connect with. Here are the list of prompts for #Marchmeetthemaker 2018:

Marchmeetthemaker 2018

Please follow Threads of a Fairytale on Instagram, and keep a look out on my stories for everything for #marchmeetthemaker. I’ll be doing my best to keep up with it every day! And keep a look-out because on one day this month I’ll be revealing a discount code for the Threads of a Fairytale Etsy shop!

The fairytale wedding dress – behind the scenes

It has been on my To Do list for some time to make a fairytale wedding dress from scratch, but I think I was subconsciously putting it off as I knew it would be a big project. However, I’m so happy and proud of the finished dress, I wish I had made it sooner! Hopefully I’ll have chance to make another one soon as this is an example of a fairytale boho-style wedding dress that can be made to order to your measurements.

As usual, I filmed the whole process and here’s the video:

Please get in touch with me at if you’d like your version of this handmade bohemian fairytale wedding dress. Take a look at the listing on my Etsy shop, ThreadsOfAFairytale for more information about this particular dress, and I’ll update this post tomorrow with a link to the listing for the made-to-order version!

And before I go; a quick apology for not updating here much recently – I’ve been very busy over on my YouTube channel with editing, posting and filming a video every day for Vlogmas! Two weeks exactly till Christmas!

Exciting news – children’s clothes are back for sale online + their shop has a new name!

Halloween pumpkin fairy costume

Hello everyone – I hope you’re having a lovely day! As you may know if you’ve been following me for a while, I’ve been phasing out my old Oshun Etsy shops and continuing with just the one, now called Threads Of A Fairytale. Although my handmade children’s clothes and fairy costumes sell well at festivals, they don’t seem to sell well online, so I decided to let that shop die out. (I may eventually have them available on facebook, but as you can imagine, the task of uploading photos and details of nearly fifty items is quite a daunting one!) Anyway, Etsy have just offered me some free listings, so with nothing to lose, I decided to re-list everything that was already sitting in my ‘expired listings’ folder. If you don’t sell on Etsy, you probably won’t know this, but a listing expires after three months and then the seller has to pay again to re-list it. So for that reason, after three months it is likely the children’s clothes will all disappear again. (I don’t want to say they will definitely disappear just in case a celebrity buys one for their daughter or something and all of a sudden they become really popular!) So now is your chance to buy a handmade child’s dress from me for a limited time only. By the way, the fairy dresses make lovely Christmas presents!

Oh I nearly forgot to tell you the new name! It’s Children Of A Fairytale. I love the name so much, I’m half tempted to start making children’s clothes again!

I will be sending out a discount code for the Children Of A Fairytale Etsy shop with my next newsletter which I will send out in a couple of days. If you’d like to receive that, please sign up with the link in the black box below!

How I made the woodland fairy wedding dress


Green woodland fairy wedding dress
Green woodland wedding dress

Hello! This is just a quick news update to tell you about my latest post I’ve written over on my blog, When I Grow Up. Hopefully it will be a little less controversial than the Oshun one! It’s simply a post about how I made the dress as several people I met at the New Forest Fairy Festival asked me how I make my fairy dresses. Hopefully it will be helpful if you’re thinking about making your own if you have a special event to go to; or interesting if you’re thinking about purchasing the woodland dress from the Threads of a Fairytale Etsy shop.

I can’t wait to get sewing again! Unfortunately I’ve been busy stuck in a vortex of housework and admin since getting back from holiday!