How to dress more creatively in February

I can’t help but think of the month of February being the month of love. Just because Valentine’s Day only falls on the fourteenth, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it every other day as well! Whether you have a partner or are celebrating just how brilliant you are; it’s a good job it comes around at this time of year because otherwise February would be a very cold, drab month!

So take your cue from the bunches of roses and pyjamas covered in hearts, and look through your wardrobe for some bright red clothing. By the way, I love pink and red together for an amazing clash of colours!

Cheer yourself and everyone around you up because red is a bold, bright colour that shows everyone you mean business whilst also having a sense of fun. It is a colour to enjoy, and I love it!

How to wear red:

  • My advice would be not to wear it with black as that can make your outfit look less sophisticated.
  • Instead, wear red with charcoal grey or chocolate brown if you’re going for separates. If you’re wearing a red dress, that advice also goes for your shoes or boots.
  • Alternatively, go tonal with other shades of red. Just check you’re not mixing cool reds (that lean towards purple) with warm reds (that lean towards orange).

red smock dress

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