Making a bohemian wedding dress

Following on from yesterday’s announcement about the new bohemian wedding dress for sale, I decided to collect the photos I’d taken during the process of making the dress, and make a blog post telling you about it all; including about our impromptu photo-shoot! If you’re new here, you might not know that I make a video of all the dresses I make, and post them to my YouTube channel; however, just to make it easier, I’ve included it in the blog post. My blog is called When I Grow Up, and along with some behind-the-scenes stuff about Threads of a Fairytale, there’s also a lot of style inspiration, travel posts, and general personal blog posts as well. It’s been going for over fifteen years, so there’s bound to be a mix! Anyway, here’s the link to the blog post all about making the bohemian fairytale wedding dress.

Making a bohemian fairy wedding dress

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