Making Fairy Festival outfits for Glastonbury

I had such grand plans for the outfits I was going to make for this year’s Glastonbury Festival! However, as in usual Helen style, I left it to the last minute and didn’t quite have the time to make five amazing fairytale dresses for each day of the festival! However I did have time to make myself a navy blue fairy outfit. I upcycled a linen pair of trousers to create the skirt, and used the material left over, plus some scraps (mainly in silk satin) to make a matching top. I love the outfit, and it’s really comfortable too.

I also made myself a purple silk fairy skirt; again by upcycling a pair of Indian Salwar trousers. There is plenty of fabric for twirling, and of course there are my usual Threads of a Fairytale style tattered frills!

By the way, I had an amazing time at Glastonbury Festival. The weather was pretty much perfect and everyone was in a really happy mood so it was a lovely atmosphere. I also always feel inspired to create more clothes after the festival – I love people-watching and seeing what outfits everyone is wearing!

If you’d like to watch some of the process of making the festival clothing, here’s my YouTube video. (There’s also a Glastonbury Festival vlog for every day of the festival on my channel!)

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