Custom-made brightly coloured wedding dress; ball gown; prom dress;

Custom-made brightly coloured wedding dress; ball gown; prom dress;


Made to order


A custom-made dress especially for you in the style of the photos shown in any bright colour of your choice. (I will be able to begin your dress now, but please note there will be delays over Christmas.)

Your heart feels like a thousand butterflies trying to escape and you take a deep breath before stepping through the archway…

I love making dresses that are unique to you, so I’ve decided to create a listing to explain the process and hopefully help you decide if I’m the right person to make the gown for your special occasion. I’ve tried to be as informative as possible, but if I haven’t answered your question here, please send me a message and I’ll do my best to help.

Your dress will be made to fit your measurements and in the length and colour or mix of colours of your choice, and in the style of the example photos shown. Please zoom in on these photos so you understand my style of working. (If you like a unique, creative, raw whimsical look, then I’m the right person for you!) I use reclaimed luxury fabrics as much as possible; however these are cut into pieces and your dress will be made from scratch by stitching them together. Expect plenty of pure silk, brocades, cottons and chiffon. Some pieces may have crystals, embroidery and sequins included.

Here’s how the process will work:

– First of all, please check the top line where I update how long till I can start your dress and if there will be any interruptions. (Mid summer and the run up to Halloween are usually busy times.) Please allow about five weeks for me to make your dress, but it will usually be quicker than that.

– If that’s all fine, and you’re happy with everything else I mention here, please purchase this listing!

– Please let me know your bust, waist and hip measurements. Also the length from the top of your shoulder (where your bra strap sits) to the length you would like the dress. Please also let me know which colour or colours you’d like. Your dress will include a variety of fabrics; so if you ask for a blue dress, you will have a dress with various shades of blue.
*A note about colours: This listing does not include dresses in white, ivory or pastel colours. (A listing for white or ivory dresses will follow soon.) The reason is, I literally have a room-full of luxury Indian fabrics to use, however these don’t tend to come in pastel or dusky shades .
(If you like my style of work but would actually prefer a pastel or dusky shades of material; that’s fine; I would ask you to choose and purchase that fabric and send it on to me. I use about fifteen metres of fabric.)

*Another note about fabric: I am very happy to include any fabrics that have a special meaning to you. Maybe you’d like your Christening gown or part of your grandmother’s wedding veil included? Lovely!

*Your dress will be sleeveless. I don’t make sleeves myself because I rarely have pieces of matching fabric large enough; plus due to my style of working by draping fabrics onto a mannequin, it is difficult to incorporate a sleeve pattern.

– We will probably have a couple of messages backwards and forwards. I’ll probably ask things like whether you’d like me to keep any of the embellishments if there are any on the fabrics I’m using; if there’s an accent colour, whether you’d like me to add it elsewhere in the dress etc.

– Then it’s the hard part: I’m afraid you just have to trust me, and wait! There are no patterns and every dress will be a bit different, so this is why I ask you to check that you like the example dress shown and are happy to leave me to make your dress in a similar style.

*If you’d like, I can send a photo half way through and/or when it’s finished. (Please note, if you ask for any changes, they can take a lot of time and we may discuss additional charges for them.)

*I often share my work on my You Tube channel and Instagram, so please let me know if you’d like to keep your dress a surprise from other people and I won’t upload anything till after the date you wear it.

– I will finish your dress with great care and attention. A custom-made dress is a very special thing and I will invest a lot of myself into your piece. I am honoured that you have chosen me to make your dress and I will work my hardest to make sure you receive a beautiful gown that you love.

– I’ll wrap it carefully; say goodbye, and post it to you!


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