Unique Halloween costume ideas

Halloween costumes in America can be about anything you like – it doesn’t have to be ghostly, witchy or zombie-y! And this trend is naturally starting toblack dress and cloak come over to the UK as well. So if you’re looking for a sustainable handmade costume, please take a look at the Threads of a Fairytale shop as there’ll be loads of outfits to choose from. However, if you prefer to go down the traditional route and are looking for something with a scary edge, then I’ve picked out a few ideas for you….

A black cloak has big potential for many costumes. It’s a perfect accessory for a vampire; enjoy holding onto the edge and swooshing it dramatically whenever you move! If you’re dressing up as a witch, then this cloak will keep you warm and go perfectly with your outfit. Or you can use the cloak to add a historical touch to any costume, such as Jack the Ripper or any generic Victorian serial killer!

halloween costume


Why not be a Halloween pumpkin? The pumpkin is an iconic Halloween symbol, but perhaps a big round foam costume could be a bit difficult to get about in! Here’s my orange pumpkin fairy dress, with tatters of green pumpkin tendrils. This is the pretty way to dress up as a pumpkin!



This black dress with splashes of blood red and roses would be perfect for a female vampire costume. There’s plenty of fabric in the skirt part for more of that swooshing! Add black nail varnish, red lipstick and a trickle of blood from your last bite, and you have the perfect vampire outfit. If it’s a cold night, combine with the cloak I mentioned above.



This is one of those dresses that every time I look at it, I have a different idea for which Halloween costume it could be! Add a tall powdered wig and wear with a choker necklace for a Marie Antoinette costume. Wear with a witch’s hat and carry a broom for a unique witch’s dress. With this black net overlay over all the frills, it could be a gothic steampunk dress, and accessorise with goggles and a clock necklace. The possibilities to reuse this Halloween costume year after year are endless!



I have a couple more options if you’re looking for a witch costume. This black one has touches of orange to match your pumpkin lantern.

adult witch dress


This is for a gothic witch who also likes pink. Have you heard of the term ‘pastel goth’? If you have, this is the perfect dress for you!

pink witch dress


And lastly, this is a zombie Snow White costume – just add splatters of fake blood on your skin!

adult snow white costume

I hope that’s useful and saves you trawling the internet for a sustainable Halloween costume.

Please note that overseas shipping usually takes about two weeks, so please place your orders today to avoid disappointment. Thank you!

And I hope you’re having a lovely October! We’ve had a beautiful sunny day here today with the evening sun highlighting the autumn colours in the trees. May we have many more of those!

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