Are you still sparkling?

A few years’ ago I gave my old personal blog a new look and started a fashion blogging section (It’s if you’d like a look) and something that came from that is people were genuinely interested in advice and inspiration for how to dress more creatively. So I’m going to start a monthly guide for those of you feeling a little bit bored with your wardrobe. I thought this links in nicely with Threads of a Fairytale as I’m always trying to encourage people to be a little more adventurous with their clothing choices and really dress to match your true style and personality….

How to dress more creatively in January

Don’t gather up all your Christmas and New Year party dresses and hide them under the bed just yet! Winter is such a dreary time of year, and seems to last forever (here in the UK at least) so why limit your most fun items of clothing to just a couple of weeks around Christmas? Keep wearing those sparkly garments and I promise you, you will feel happier for it.

The key is to dress them down a little to make them more suitable for being back to work and back to your ‘normal’ life.

  • Ok, so jumpers with Christmas trees or Rudolph might have to be folded away for now, but keep wearing those with metallic yarn running through them, or have more subtle decoration like a silver or gold trim. Instead of wearing with a satin skirt or heels like you might for a Christmas party; simply wear with jeans or plain trousers and chunky shoes or boots.
  • Sequin or velvet dresses suddenly become more wearable if you simply put a plain knitted jumper over the top. Add a cotton shirt and a jacket over a satin slip dress and wear with trainers for a cool juxtaposition of styles.
  • Sometimes it’s all about the footwear. Cheer everyone up in the office by full-on wearing your sparkly dress, but wear it with your more practical knee-length or ankle boots rather than your ‘going-out-out shoes’.
  • If in doubt, honestly, a relaxed cardigan dresses down anything. Fling one over the top of a wedding dress and you’d probably get away with it!

I hope you enjoy looking through your wardrobe (or ‘shop your wardrobe’ as I’ve heard it called!) and finding some new outfits to wear. 🙂

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