New Forest Fairy Festival 2022

Hi! Just a little post to let you know that sadly I’m not going to be having a stall at the New Forest Fairy Festival this weekend. I was very tempted to; especially considering it is the tenth anniversary of the festival, and I think I was the only stall-holder left last year, who has been there since the very beginning. It was little more than a small stage on a caravan; entertainment from the Gypsy Pyksies,  and a small cluster of fairy-themed sellers battling with our gazebos against the wind and the rain.

I made more profit that first year than in 2021. Due to the price of the stall increasing more than ten times over; confusion over whether tickets needed to be bought in advance or not; the confusion over ticket refunds after the storm in 2019 closed the festival for a day, and subsequently Covid happened… well I could surmise various reasons why I did so badly last year, but the crux of the matter is that it is no longer financially viable to have a stall there.

If you have been a regular visitor to the festival and to my stall, I’m so sorry not to see you again. Honestly, it was the interactions with the lovely fairy folk like yourselves that made it all worth it. Please go to my online shop instead. Thank you!

Making Fairy Festival outfits for Glastonbury

I had such grand plans for the outfits I was going to make for this year’s Glastonbury Festival! However, as in usual Helen style, I left it to the last minute and didn’t quite have the time to make five amazing fairytale dresses for each day of the festival! However I did have time to make myself a navy blue fairy outfit. I upcycled a linen pair of trousers to create the skirt, and used the material left over, plus some scraps (mainly in silk satin) to make a matching top. I love the outfit, and it’s really comfortable too.

I also made myself a purple silk fairy skirt; again by upcycling a pair of Indian Salwar trousers. There is plenty of fabric for twirling, and of course there are my usual Threads of a Fairytale style tattered frills!

By the way, I had an amazing time at Glastonbury Festival. The weather was pretty much perfect and everyone was in a really happy mood so it was a lovely atmosphere. I also always feel inspired to create more clothes after the festival – I love people-watching and seeing what outfits everyone is wearing!

If you’d like to watch some of the process of making the festival clothing, here’s my YouTube video. (There’s also a Glastonbury Festival vlog for every day of the festival on my channel!)

A Disney Fairytale

Unlike my husband and my kids, I wasn’t brought up with Disney, so I don’t automatically think of the franchise when I think of fairytales. However, a Disney princess in a Disney film might be the first thing you think of! Anyway, I have returned from a magical holiday to Disney World in Florida and if you’d like to watch our adventures as a family, please take a look at my YouTube video of our Disney World Vlog.

Oh and by the way, the shop is of course back up and running!

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know it’s a bit late in the day, but I’ve been very ill this January, and it’s better late than never isn’t it?! I hope 2022 brings you all the magic you could wish for. 🙂

So what are the plans for Threads of a Fairytale this year? Well, sadly I probably won’t be doing any festivals this year, so it’s online only if you’d like to buy anything. I have some exciting new things coming your way though, including a fairytale sewing course! So if you’d like to learn how to make your own clothes in the Threads of a Fairytale style, then watch this space!

Sustainable Halloween costumes for sale

Hello! Just a reminder that I have loads of handmade outfits, dresses and separates perfect for Halloween costumes in my shop, Threads of a Fairytale! I’ve selected a few of them and made a blog post with some ideas for Halloween costumes. Don’t forget mine are good quality and sustainable costumes, and will last for many Halloweens to come!

PS. I’m sorry, it’s too late to guarantee overseas delivery in time now, but do order soon if you’re in the UK. 🙂

Unique Halloween costume ideas

Halloween costumes in America can be about anything you like – it doesn’t have to be ghostly, witchy or zombie-y! And this trend is naturally starting toblack dress and cloak come over to the UK as well. So if you’re looking for a sustainable handmade costume, please take a look at the Threads of a Fairytale shop as there’ll be loads of outfits to choose from. However, if you prefer to go down the traditional route and are looking for something with a scary edge, then I’ve picked out a few ideas for you….

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