New Forest Fairy Festival 2019

New Forest Fairy Festival 2019

Hello folks, sorry it’s been a while. When you really get your mind into something, I’m afraid I neglect other things! First of all I was determined to get my new website finished, but that hasn’t happened. Instead I turned my attention to the New Forest Fairy Festival, which is taking place this coming weekend, 10th and 11th August!

I am very pleased to let you know that I will be back with my stall this year, so I have been super busy preparing for that. I’ve made several more sheer goddess dresses, jackets and kaftans, as they are always popular. I’ve also made a collection of silk and cotton skirts and tops – most of which I’ve dyed using natural plant dyes. I think they’re really pretty and can’t wait to show you! And also new this year: my fairytale undergarments collection!

The stall is also having a bit of a makeover this year – it will be less of a woodland feel, and more of a crumbling castle ballroom vibes. I hope so anyway! So gone is the thick hessian I had adorning the walls of the gazebo, and instead I’ve been hand-stitching together lace curtains. I’m hoping this will give a much brighter airy feel. I’ll still have ivy about the place, but mixed with tassels too! If you’re a regular visitor at the fairy festival, I’d love to have your feedback on this change. 🙂

By the way, if you can’t be there, I will be trying to remember to Insta Story the weekend. Go to and follow me over there to have a look. I’ve also been showing behind the scenes and work in progress and adding them to collections so you can catch up on those little clips too if you like.

Lastly, a newsletter went out last night, so if you’ve signed up, please check your e-mail folders. 🙂

Helen x

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