Returned from the New Forest Fairy Festival – just!

Threads of a Fairytale took to the road, but I have to say it wasn’t the best year in the world for the New Forest Fairy Festival 2019, unfortunately! The high winds meant that the festival was cancelled on the Saturday, which was such a shame. I spent all morning making sure my stall was safe for visitors, and then the decision was made at lunch time not to open at all. I am exhausted from standing there for the rest of the afternoon and evening, holding onto the roof of my gazebo, trying to stop it from breaking. Sadly many other traders had to give up completely.

However, Sunday was a lovely calm and sunny day, so it was great to see everything go ahead as normal. I just felt so sorry for those handmade traders who couldn’t open at all. Preparing for a festival like this one takes so much time and effort and to only have the income from one day instead of two is a bit of a killer.

And I feel just as sorry for those who travelled far to come to the New Forest Festival, and who couldn’t come in on Sunday instead – that must’ve been such a disappointment.

So anyway, the stress and exhaustion is starting to wear away, and after a week, I think I’m now ready to empty the camper van of all the stall paraphernalia! Some of it goes in the basement; some in the garage, and some in the spare bedroom. Then there’s things like the S hooks I borrowed from the kitchen; and the mirror from the guest room!

I’ve just written a post on my blog, When I Grow Up, with more all about it, including a few photos I found time to take whilst there. I hope you enjoy the read!

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