I’ve launched a Patreon Page

After much dithering, I’ve decided to start a Patreon page. If you haven’t heard of Patreon before, it’s a place where you can go to support your favourite creatives. I’m starting with two options – for £3 a month you can have access to my Patreon feed with behind-the-scenes photos and news of what’s going on for the business, and more personal happenings, along with sewing and other craft and writing tips. You also get to watch my YouTube videos a day early. For £5 a month you get all that, plus two pieces of exclusive content – at least one will be a sewing process video, and the other will most likely be a video as well, but maybe art related, or perhaps a short story. You’ll also get a 10% off code for the Threads of a Fairytale shop, and my Etsy gift shop, by Helen Hobden.

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, please head on over to my Patreon page. Thank you!

I’m back on YouTube!

Hi! Just letting you know that after a five month break, I’m now back in the swing of things and posting videos on YouTube again! They’re in a slightly different format to before – from now on, instead of stand-alone videos, these are all going to be weekly vlogs. They’re mostly based in my home-studio, so if you’d like to catch sneak peaks of what is to come in the Threads of a Fairytale shop, you can see snippets of me making the clothing, or photographing it ready for the shop. So if you’re interested in the behind-the-scenes of this little business, or just want a little nosey at my messy house, please go on over to my YouTube channel!

Happy New Year!

Hi folks! I just thought I’d quickly pop by to say Happy New Year, and I hope you had the best Christmas and festive season possible. At this crappy time in lockdown and so many people negatively affected by the pandemic, I hope you don’t mind if I just continue on and pretend it’s not happening. It isn’t that I don’t have empathy; it’s more that I want this to be a place of escapism. Living in a fairytale world is partly about keeping the magic and the positivity alive, so that’s what I’m going to try and do. I’m going to try and cheer you up with dreaming of the beautiful places we can visit when this is all over, and the fun we’re going to have dressing up for the smallest of occasions. Let’s shine bright for each other 🙂

Blessings to all.



The 2020 New Forest Fairy Festival is cancelled

I’m absolutely devastated to tell you that the 2020 New Forest Fairy festival has been cancelled. Exhibitors have just been informed, and I expect the organisers are busy letting all the ticket holders know today. This is such a blow for everyone, and I’m so upset about it. I’m so sorry if you thought you were coming – it would have been a great weekend – even the weather forecast was good!

The New Forest Fairy festival is the biggest thing for Threads of a Fairytale every year, and I’ve been preparing for it for weeks. After half the festival was cancelled last year due to a storm, this will come as a big dent in everyone’s income for the second year in a row. If your income hasn’t been affected by the Coronavirus, and you usually make a purchase at the New Forest Fairy Festival; please seek out those exhibitors and see if you can buy from them online – it would mean an awful lot.

(I’m also a bit angry at the powers that be who made this decision. The organisers of the festival have worked hard to make this event as safe as is possibly could be and complying with all the social distancing rules and government regulations. All the stallholders have had strict instructions about what our responsibilities were; and I’ve been fighting with our printer for two days to get it to print out all the safety signs I needed!)

Oh well. *Big sigh* Roll on 2021. And the sun had better shine!

New Forest Fairy Festival 2020 update

After this week’s announcements from Boris, you may be wondering if the New Forest Fairy Festival will be going ahead in 2020…

The good news is that it is! As long as he doesn’t change his mind about anything in the next two weeks, then yes, the fairy festival is on! Holly, the organiser of the New Forest Fairy Festival has made a video explaining all the measures in place to keep everyone as safe as possible.

And if you’re wondering where she bought that pretty mermaid dress, it was made by Threads of a Fairytale – in other words, yours truly!

Holly and her team have been working with all the relevent authorities to make sure the festival, as a licensed outdoor event, is covid-19 secure. Please buy your tickets online now as they won’t be available on the gate, and with smaller numbers allowed this year, I’m worried they will sell out very soon. Also note that the workshops will need to be booked beforehand as well, but there will be plenty to see and do otherwise.

Please do come and say Hello at my fairytale clothing stall, I’ll be about in the middle on the right as you go in the entrance at Burley Park!