Postage delays due to Coronavirus

Hello! I hope you’re keeping well. Unfortunately, our household needs to self-isolate for a couple of weeks, so while I’ve left the Threads of a Fairytale Etsy shop open, I’m afraid there will be a delay until it is safe for me to post your clothing. Fairytale fashion is what we all need right now to cheer ourselves up, so I’m sorry for the wait, and thank you for your patience.

If you would like to order a custom-made fairy dress, maybe for an up-coming special occasion, then please go ahead as we can continue with the process. Please e-mail me at if you have any concerns.

New silk fairy clothing being added for sale!

Last Friday, my eldest daughter, Rain, and I went round the corner to a lovely empty field along with a bag of silk flower fairy clothing, some faux flowers and some handmade hair garlands. I took hundreds of photos and have begun to list the items into the Threads of a Fairytale Etsy shop. So far I have added a purple silk top and a matching fairy skirt, but still to come are a matching sunflower yellow set; a cream top; a rose pink skirt; a delicate turquoise green skirt; a bright pink skirt, and a matching set in ivory. We had lots of fun recreating the poses of the flower fairies by Cicely Mary Barker!

purple fairy costume

I prefer not to list everything at once so that throughout the pages of my shop, you get to see a variety of styles of fairytale clothing because most people will see the clothing in order of being posted. So I’ll also be adding other items that are waiting to be listed and I have a very special dress coming soon!

If you would like to see all the silk fairy clothing, please go straight to the ‘Fairytale and Cosplay‘ section of my shop. There are also four items there that I modelled in magical woodland in Cornwall last summer. They’re perfect for dressing up in if you’re looking for an adult fairy costume, but worn as separates the tops and skirts can be worn with jeans or t-shirts for a more casual bohemian style.

Almost all these tops and skirts were dyed by me using natural materials. If you’d like to see the process, I made a video of all my experiments with natural dyes on silk and cotton. As soon as the clothing is all listed on Etsy, I’ll be showing a video of me making them all on my YouTube channel, if you’d like to keep a look out for that too.

In the mean time, stay safe and well.

Full moon newsletter & discount code

Hello! I hope you’re all well. I am determined to start sending regular Threads of a Fairytale newsletters this year, and I thought it would be lovely to send them on a full moon. So if you’re signed up, please expect to see an e-mail from me this evening explaining all about everything going on at the moment – how the coronavirus is affecting the business; news about sewing courses, and the reason why you haven’t seen much of me online recently. If you’re not yet, now would be a good time as there’s a nice discount code in the letter! Join in here:

Threads of a Fairytale Newsletter

Glastonbury Fairy Fayre 7-8th March

Hi! I’m excited to tell you that I’m taking my fairytale clothing stall to Glastonbury Fairy Fayre this weekend. I’ve been as a visitor many times before and I love it – there’s always a wonderful mix of artists and crafters and completely original items that you can’t find anywhere else. This is my first time as a seller and I’m currently busy making a new fairy dress to take with me. I’ve only got space for one rail of clothing, so please come and say hi, but you might need to part the clothes to find me sitting behind it!

Glastonbury Fairy Fayre March 2020

I’m back in England!

Hello! I hope you’re well! It feels like I’ve been away forever, and can’t wait to get back to the sewing machine! I’m back home and raring to go, so do get in touch if you would like to order a custom dress for an upcoming special occasion. 🙂

As you know, I used the time away to get working on the new Threads of a Fairytale website, which will include a shop. It takes a lot longer than you might think to add about eighty items of clothing! Anyway, progress is happening; we have the main pages ready, but need to add some more still. And make the shop layout look pretty!

I’ve also been making plans for courses. I almost always share how I make everything on my YouTube channel, and I’m often asked to make the videos longer and more instructive. However I think that most people on YouTube are just watching for entertainment and would find that boring, so for those of you keen on having a go at sewing in a similar style to me, please sign up for newsletters, so that you’re the first to know when they are ready.

Have a good week. 🙂



New website in progress!

Hi everyone! I am giving this website a complete update and overhaul! I’m so excited that there will soon be an integrated shop here, along with several new pages of information and stories about Threads of a Fairytale that might interest you. I’m working on this with my husband in his spare time, so it is still likely to be at least a couple of weeks until it’s all finished. In the mean time, don’t be alarmed if you spot any weird changes during the process of changing from this layout to the new one!

Have a good week!
Helen x

Happy New Year! – some news…

Hi everyone! And a slightly belated Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday – it feels so long ago already 🙁

Just letting you know that I’m going to be away for 6 weeks, so my daughters are taking over the post and packing of all the clothing – it might take an extra couple of days as they’ll be dealing with their work hours as well. I’ll be able to resume custom-made dresses from the 2nd of February. Thank you for your patience 🙂

By the way, look out for some exciting changes coming here very soon!

Take care. x

Fairytale lilac wedding dress

I’ve just added a new dress to the Threads of a Fairytale Etsy shop – a very pretty lilac and grey fairy dress. I absolutely love the colours in this dress – I began with more lilac tones at the top, and blended in grey and silver further down the dress, with pale grey tutu net layering underneath for a fairytale shape. I think it would make a beautiful bohemian wedding dress, ball gown, or even for an upcoming Christmas party!

lilac fairytale wedding dress


A blackberry-dyed silk fairy skirt

Although this wasn’t a natural dyeing experiment as part of the kit I told you about yesterday, I had dyed the silk layer of this skirt with blackberries from our garden, and I love the foresty print left on the fabric!  It could be part of a pretty Mori girl style outfit. I’ve just added this new fairy skirt to the Etsy shop, if you’d like to take a look for more photos and info.

Mori girl fairy outfit

Natural Dyeing

Hi! Hope you’re having a good week! If you’re interested in natural dyeing, you might like to have a look at my blog post and youtube video I’ve made about testing a natural dye kit. This is the fabric I used in a new collection of fairy outfits I made in the summer (gradually being added to the shop, but I still need to do a photo-shoot for some of them).

Let me know how you’ve got on if you’ve had a go with natural dyeing!