Purple bohemian fairy dress

Hi! Just letting you know I’m starting to list all the clothing I’ve made over the last year! Three photo-shoots are now in the bag, so I’m ready to go ahead and list everything in the Threads of a Fairytale shop! I’m starting with this purple boho dress that we photographed in Cornwall a couple of weeks ago. It’s approximately 3XL and would fit a few plus sizes from 20 – 24.

You could style it as a fairy dress with a pair of wings and a sprinkle of glitter; or dress it down with trainers and wear to an evening at a friend’s house!

plus size boho dress

The new site is live!!

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already noticed anyway, but never mind, I can’t not announce the new Threads of a Fairytale website on the news section can I?! So here it is! My husband, Chris and I have spent many months working on the updated redesign of the website, and I’m so proud of it. The most important change is that I now have a shop section here, rather than needing to send you over to Etsy to make your fairytale clothing purchases. This is so exciting!

And just to let you know, I’ve been through the new shop, making loads of reductions to celebrate! So now is the perfect time to get browsing and grab yourself a fairy bargain. Have fun!

There’s always one! (The Silk Fairy clothing collection)

There’s always one isn’t there? I came here to tell you that all the new silk fairy clothing is now listed on Etsy, but then I went and found a silk jade green cami top that was hiding when we did the photo shoot for the rest of the collection! So, all the skirts and tops are now listed apart from that one top!!

Edit: and I’ve just sold the jade green skirt and a cream silk cami top, so they aren’t now listed either!

There are two sets of purple silk tops and skirts; a creamy beige skirt, a pinky grey skirt, a mustard yellow top and skirt, a cream top and skirt, a pale pink skirt and a bright pink skirt. If you’d like to see them, please take a look at the Fairytale collection. 

Adult fairy costume

Glastonbury Fairy Fayre 7-8th March

Hi! I’m excited to tell you that I’m taking my fairytale clothing stall to Glastonbury Fairy Fayre this weekend. I’ve been as a visitor many times before and I love it – there’s always a wonderful mix of artists and crafters and completely original items that you can’t find anywhere else. This is my first time as a seller and I’m currently busy making a new fairy dress to take with me. I’ve only got space for one rail of clothing, so please come and say hi, but you might need to part the clothes to find me sitting behind it!

Glastonbury Fairy Fayre March 2020

Fairytale lilac wedding dress

I’ve just added a new dress to the Threads of a Fairytale Etsy shop – a very pretty lilac and grey fairy dress. I absolutely love the colours in this dress – I began with more lilac tones at the top, and blended in grey and silver further down the dress, with pale grey tutu net layering underneath for a fairytale shape. I think it would make a beautiful bohemian wedding dress, ball gown, or even for an upcoming Christmas party!

lilac fairytale wedding dress


A blackberry-dyed silk fairy skirt

Although this wasn’t a natural dyeing experiment as part of the kit I told you about yesterday, I had dyed the silk layer of this skirt with blackberries from our garden, and I love the foresty print left on the fabric!  It could be part of a pretty Mori girl style outfit. I’ve just added this new fairy skirt to the Etsy shop, if you’d like to take a look for more photos and info.

Mori girl fairy outfit

Pure silk purple fairy outfit

I loved experimenting with a variety of natural dyes in the summer, and one that was very successful was logwood chips – they produced this gorgeous shade of purple on the pure silk I used to make this fairy outfit. There is more of a toned down version on the cotton that lines the pixie skirt.

I decided to split the outfit into two listings in case you would rather wear the top or the skirt in a more casual fairytale manner, rather than a complete adult fairy costume. The silk cami top, for example, would look great at a Christmas party worn with smart black trousers; or with jeans at a summer music festival. The purple silk skirt would look lovely with a simple grey t-shirt or a chunky knit jumper worn with leggings underneath and boots.

Or, of course wear the top and skirt together for a pretty and unique fairy outfit that would look amazing at a special fairytale event, or even an ordinary muggle party! Here is the Threads of a Fairytale Etsy listing for the pure silk cami top; and here is the listing for the pixie hem skirt.

Fairytale frock coat

Hi! I’m just starting to realise quite how many items of clothing I’ve made this year, and how behind I am on listing all of them in the Threads of a Fairytale Etsy shop! So apologies for the frequent updates at the moment letting you know about the latest additions. Today we have a unisex fairytale frock coat made with beautiful green and purple two-tone brocade satin. If you haven’t got a fairy ball to attend soon, this would actually make a perfect unique jacket to liven up a simple black outfit at a Christmas occasion with bohemian flare. It would be a great conversation starter!

bohemian coat

Returned from the New Forest Fairy Festival – just!

Threads of a Fairytale took to the road, but I have to say it wasn’t the best year in the world for the New Forest Fairy Festival 2019, unfortunately! The high winds meant that the festival was cancelled on the Saturday, which was such a shame. I spent all morning making sure my stall was safe for visitors, and then the decision was made at lunch time not to open at all. I am exhausted from standing there for the rest of the afternoon and evening, holding onto the roof of my gazebo, trying to stop it from breaking. Sadly many other traders had to give up completely.

However, Sunday was a lovely calm and sunny day, so it was great to see everything go ahead as normal. I just felt so sorry for those handmade traders who couldn’t open at all. Preparing for a festival like this one takes so much time and effort and to only have the income from one day instead of two is a bit of a killer.

And I feel just as sorry for those who travelled far to come to the New Forest Festival, and who couldn’t come in on Sunday instead – that must’ve been such a disappointment.

So anyway, the stress and exhaustion is starting to wear away, and after a week, I think I’m now ready to empty the camper van of all the stall paraphernalia! Some of it goes in the basement; some in the garage, and some in the spare bedroom. Then there’s things like the S hooks I borrowed from the kitchen; and the mirror from the guest room!

I’ve just written a post on my blog, When I Grow Up, with more all about it, including a few photos I found time to take whilst there. I hope you enjoy the read!

Seeing everything in progress

Hello! I hope you’ve had a lovely week! Just popping by to let you know I’ve started using the Stories feature on my Instagram account more lately. I’m using the Highlights function to save them all to a group called ‘In Progress’. I’ve been showing little clips of me sewing, pinning, and patch-working together the fairytale clothing I’ve been making in the last couple of months. So if you’d like to see a little of what is going on behind the scenes, please take a look at Threads of a Fairytale on Instagram. I’ve made a pretty purple and green dress with colours taken from a lovely crepe fabric with a tropical leaf pattern. Then a fancy frock coat to go with it. And then as I had plenty of the tropical fabric left over, I started another dress to match the first, but much fancier to be more of an alternative wedding dress or fairy ball gown, with added tutu net and lace. It’s almost finished and I can’t wait to show you!